Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

Barbados. Kimber couldn’t believe she was there—and there with Jayme. She took in a deep breath as they stepped out of the taxi in front of the plush, all-inclusive resort hotel. Was it her imagination or were the grass greener, the trees taller, and the sky bluer? To go along with the tropic beauty, there were gorgeous people everywhere. Actually there were couples everywhere and Kimber took notice.

“Welcome!” a petite gentleman blurted out as he opened the doors, ushering them in. “Enjoy your stay at Sans Souci—a Couples Resort.”

A young woman offered them Mimosas as the two entered the cozy lobby. Kimber sipped and did her best to not react to the “Couples Resort” welcome by the doorman. She knew she hadn’t misunderstood because every where she looked there were men and women holding hands, in loving embraces, and hovering each other.

Jayme placed a hand on her elbow to slow her down. “I know what you must be thinking.”

Kimber turned around and tried to look unaffected, but said nothing.

“Because everything was so last minute, this was the only place on the island that had rooms open.”

“Oh,” was all she could muster up.

“Also… they don’t book singles so we have to share a suite.” He looked her in the eyes. “I don’t want you to think—”

“I’m not thinking anything,” she interrupted. “It’s not like we haven’t slept together before.” Kimber released a nervous chuckle. “You know what I mean.”

“I just didn’t want you to think that I was expecting…”

Slightly, Kimber shook her head as reminders of her hot dream of Jayme from the night before ran through her mind. She touched his hand, “I’m not thinking anything.”

“I know we’ve been traveling all night, so if you’re tired and want to rest, it’s cool,” Jayme assured her.

“Are you kidding—I slept all night on the plane. I’m ready for breakfast and to see the sights! I can sleep later.”

Eagerly, and with their small amount of luggage, they made their way to the front desk and checked in.


There was not much for Kimber to unpack so she lounged on the open patio while she waited on Jayme. An easy breeze moved the sheers partitioning the deck so that they flowed and fluttered about. Their suite sat beachside and in a few steps, she could easily be wading in the clear blue waters.

“The first thing on our shopping list is a bathing suite for you.” Jayme stood behind her.

She swallowed the last of her Mimosa and turned toward him. “As usual, you’re reading my mind.”

“Let’s get breakfast and hit the shops.” Jayme took the flute from her, placed it on the patio table, and led her through the suite and out of the door by the hand.

After filling up on omelets, waffles, and more Mimosas, Jayme dragged Kimber up and down the streets of Barbados, from store to store, loading her up with both the essentials and non-essentials. Shorts and tank tops, party dresses, bathing suits, and sleepwear were just some of the things she walked away with. The rest he had delivered to their suite.

Energy zapped, but fresh from a hot shower, Kimber stretched out on the king-sized bed in a thick terrycloth hotel robe. The fragrance from a large bouquet of yellow allamandas sitting on the nightstand enticed her into burying her head deeply into her pillow. She exhaled and listened as the shower water, barely drowning out the sound of Jayme singing behind the closed door, ran with full pressure. She smiled and turned over.

Shortly after the water stopped, Kimber opened her eyes just enough to see him exit the bathroom wearing only a towel. He walked through the suite and she could hear him moving about. He was on the other side of the room when she finally spoke.

“I noticed you haven’t checked in with your office—or with anyone else,” Kimber said softly.

“I thought you were asleep.”

“Just about. I can barely keep my eyes open.” She turned towards him and found that he’d put on a pair of sweat pants.

“Yeah, I’m beat too. Let’s sleep for about an hour and then hit the beach. How’s that sound?”

Kimber nodded and relaxed. “You don’t need to call in?”

“Probably. But, I left my phone at your place.”

Kimber sat up. “You did?”

“I did.”

“On purpose?”

Jayme nodded and stretched out on the other side of the bed.


“Hell if I know, but I’m not going to worry about it now.” He sat back and relaxed. “I have a backup plan, if necessary.”

Kimber turned back to her original position and sighed. She could feel sleep coming down on her.

“How do you like the island?” Jayme asked.

“I’m already feeling sad about the day we’ll have to leave.”

Jayme’s hand lightly brushed the small of her back and they both relaxed. At his touch, Kimber’s core heated up. His torturous touch would be her undoing on this trip and she knew it was inevitable that she would give in to it. And giving in was something she didn’t mind doing. But first, she needed to rest.


When Kimber opened her eyes, she felt Jayme’s hard body spooning hers. She shifted and his grip tightened around her. She looked over at the clock sitting next to the vase of flowers and a little more than an hour had passed. Gladly she settled into his embrace when his hand slipped inside the top of her robe. Her hand landed on top of his and pressed it into her bare breast. The heat that coursed through her was instant. Just then, she felt him respond as he caressed her. Then, his warm lips were tenderly kissing her neck.

This was not a dream—for her, at least. Kimber slowly turned over. She needed to make sure it wasn’t a dream for him either and that every move he made was intentional and meant for her. She was hoping that being away in an exotic place would allow them both to freely let go of their inhibitions and move forward with their feelings for one another. She knew this was subject to change when they returned home but she was not willing to miss out on the once in a lifetime opportunity of having Jayme express his affection towards her, even if he was on the rebound.

She looked up and Jayme was looking right at her. Their eyes locked just before he inched forward, pressing his lips to hers. The fire between them was unmistakable. Jayme’s kisses made their way down Kimber’s neck and as her robe fell open, his lips continued to descend.

“Jayme,” Kimber whispered.

He pulled back. “You want me to stop?”

“No, I just need to say something.”

“I know… I’m all over you after everything I said earlier.” He sat up and closed her robe.

“Look, I just wanted to tell you… What I wanted to say was… I know we’re friends—or we’ve been friends for years and nothing will ever change that.” She pulled hair back from her eyes. “I want us to enjoy our time here together—whatever that means. I don’t want to think about what might happen when we get back, but just to enjoy each other’s company—now. Worrying about nothing else. I just want this time with you. And it’s something I’ve been wanting…” She sat up next to him.

“I’ve suspected that for a while, but I wasn’t sure.”

“I just don’t want you to overthink anything, or worry after we—do this.”

“You’re talking as if this is our only chance.”

“I don’t know what the future holds but I know we have right here and right now. Time away with you is something I’ve wanted for what seems like…”

“Well, guess what? We have plenty of time.” He leaned in for another taste of her lips. “Let’s get ready and hit the beach.”

Chapter Three

Kimber stood at the window watching for another minute before Jayme got in his car and drove off. To be fair, he could’ve been responding to someone about work, she thought—but whom was she kidding? She turned to take one more look at her clean desk and her heart warmed again. She dashed off to her room to pack.

Kimber pulled out, from her small walk-in closet, an oversized black suitcase and opened it on the floor. Looking through her clothes, she became disappointed. Jayme had never seen her dressed ‘girlie’ and there was a good reason. She didn’t own many dresses or soft pretty things that most women did. There was no time to shop and besides, she had sworn off buying things that weren’t a necessity until she landed a concrete contract for her software. Should she make an exception? No. There had to be something in the closet she could work with.

She pulled out a white halter sundress with the price tag still on it. It was one of the last things she’d bought but had never had an occasion to wear since sweat pants and t-shirts had become her daily uniform. She held it up against herself as she stood in front of the mirror. Cute. She hung it on the closet door, deciding to wear it on the plane.

Next was a sheer fuchsia blouse that looked good with jeans. Okay, that’s one. She tossed it on the bed and returned to the closet. Her attention was drawn to her lone ‘little black dress’ that every woman was required to have in her wardrobe. It had been a long time since she’d worn it but it was guaranteed to make her feel sexy on this trip. She tossed it on the bed as well.

Before she could return to the closet, the phone rang.

Oh, no. Not now, Kimber thought. If she answered her mother’s call, the conversation would be a definite mood killer. Kimber knew that her mother, without even trying, would dampen her spirits making it difficult for her to rationalize going on this trip with Jayme. She would start in with the questions on how Kimber was feeling; had she been to the doctor; is she taking her medication. And Kimber was working hard at not thinking about her health issues. Jayme knew nothing and she wanted to keep it that way. She wanted to have her fun with him while she still felt well enough to do so because she knew the day would come when she couldn’t.

After the fourth ring she knew the voice mail was forcing her mother to leave a message. And she, no doubt, would. Putting her guilt aside, Kimber thought, nothing, and I mean nothing is going to keep me from spending one-on-one time with Jayme. She knew her mother was notorious for deterring any fun by constantly bringing up her MS. The easiest way to avoid that was by not talking to her altogether.

Kimber refused to think about any of that now. HER PASSPORT—where was it?

She rushed over to her boudoir and threw open the doors. This was the last place she remembered seeing it so she didn’t stop until she had her hands on it. Regardless of the clothes she brought, she knew she couldn’t board that plane without it. She tossed around bras and panties and decided that some of them should land in the open suitcase.


Four hours later, Kimber had managed to pack a modest wardrobe, shampoo and style her hair, and clean up her one bedroom apartment. She was as ready as she could be—so where was Jayme?

It was fifteen minutes past eleven and she had never known him to be late—for anything. Kimber placed her suitcase by the door and sat at her desk to answer email messages that had come in that morning. At eleven-thirty she picked up the phone. He did say, be ready at eleven, didn’t he?

No answer.

Kimber busied herself with random Google searches on Barbados, Shawnda Willis, and the banking industry. Before she knew it, it was going on one o’clock and her hair was now up in her signature ponytail as she sat in front of her computer. She had sent Jayme several text messages with no reply. Was something wrong or had he simply changed his mind? If only he’d call or at least respond to her texts.

It was going on three when she finally started to unpack and shortly after, her phone chimed:

JAYME: sorry… call you in a few

What did that even mean? She didn’t bother to address it. Instead she just waited to hear from him. Obviously the trip was off so she resumed putting her things away. Kimber wanted to be angry but what, other than some work time, was she out of? At least now she could stop worrying that something had happened to him.

Work must have been what held him. Or at least that would be the only reasonable explanation that she would accept. If it even looked like Julia was behind their trip being canceled, Kimber decided she would let Jayme have it. Or could she? Was that her place? They were just friends—even if she did want more. Still, it was rude for him to get her all worked up about taking a trip and then let that skank ruin it—if that is indeed what happened.

Kimber stood from her desk to pace while waiting on her phone to ring. At three-thirty she sat on the sofa and turned on the television. She surfed the channels a bit: news, sports, a couple of cooking shows. By four-thirty, she was sound asleep, dreaming of Jayme. Nothing in particular, he was just there… in her dream… as he often was.



“Hey, Kim!”

Kimber was being shaken awake. She opened her eyes to find Jayme standing over her.

“You left the patio door open again—I walked right in.”


“Hey, come on! Where’s your luggage?”

“Huh?” Finally, she sat up and blinked a couple of times to focus. “What happened to you? You said you were going to call.”

“I know. Sorry ’bout that. But another flight to Barbados leaves at six-thirty. If we leave now, we can get on it. I’ve already changed the reservations.”

“Are you kidding! I’ve already unpacked.”

“Well, re-pack!” He coaxed her to a sitting position.

“No…” Kimber said, and laid back down.

“Come on… I’m sorry for leaving you hanging all day, but it couldn’t be helped.”

“Why didn’t you call me?”

“I know… I should’ve.”

Yeah, you should’ve.”

“I’ll make it up to you. Really, I’m sorry.” Jayme’s phone begins buzzing in his pocket but he ignores it.

“No big deal, but I’m not interested in going any more.” Kimber couldn’t believe the words coming from her mouth. And then the look on Jayme’s face made her heart flutter.

“Please…” Jayme pulled Kimber up from the couch.

“This is how you got me the first time.” She pulled away from him. “Like I said, I’ve already unpacked.”

“No problem; we’ll get you some things when we get there.”

“No, Jayme… that would be silly as well as an unnecessary expense.”

“Okay, fine. We’ll put your things back in the suitcase.” Jayme dashed off to Kimber’s room.

When he entered her bedroom, he spotted her open and empty suitcase still lying on the floor. He went to her dresser and pulled out a few items, tossing them in. He had no idea what Kimber would want to take, but he did what he needed to do to get her come with him. There was still a toiletry bag packed lying on her nightstand so he tossed it in too. He walked into her closet and turned around in a circle a few times. With no clue as to what to grab, he spotted the little black dress that he imagined hugging the feminine curves he had long noticed on his friend. Curves that she seemed to purposely cover with sweats and baggy shorts. Before he knew it, he had it in his hands.

When he emerged from the closet, Kimber was standing over the opened suitcase.

“What in the hell is this? There’s not one matching pair of anything in here,” Kimber huffed and then laughed, shaking her head.

“I told you we could do this there. But we need to go if we’re going to make that flight.” Still holding the dress, he walked up to Kimber. “Let me make it up to you—the leaving you hanging all day.” He touched the small of her back and pulled her in to him. He kissed her lips lightly and felt her soften in his arms.

“Okay.” She exhaled. “I’ll just grab some things for my hair and…”

Jayme’s phone buzzed and vibrated as they stood hip-to-hip and face-to-face.

“Cool. But, please… take this,” Jayme said holding up the dress.

Kimber blushed. And then, she smiled.

Jayme picked up her suitcase and turned it upside down on the bed, empting it of the random clothing. He returned the toiletry bag right after the lone black dress.

“Let’s go.” He picked up the bag and started following her out. As he arrived at the door, he slid his ringing phone from his pocket, turned it off, and then tossed it on Kimber’s bed.


Kimber had been sleeping soundly when she heard the hinge on her bedroom door creak. Groggily, she looked up to see Jayme standing at the foot of her bed. She raised her head and rubbed her eyes. Leaving him on the sofa the way she had, made her feel a little guilty. But, what else was she to do?

“What’s wrong?” she barely muttered out.

“It was lonely out there… Do you mind if I get in?” Without waiting on an answer, Jayme slid between the sheets and settled in.

Now, wide awake, Kimber laid her head back against her pillow. She wondered how she would get back to sleep with the warmth of Jayme next to her. She wouldn’t, was the conclusion she came to when she felt him snuggle in close to her. She exhaled and relaxed to the feel of him. When he settled in her direction and threw an arm over her, she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist.

The feel of his lips on her neck was like velvet, aside from the shock it left her with. His warm breath made her insides tingle and she hesitated to turn to him in response.

With the light of the moon flowing through the window, she could see the desire in his eyes once he angled her face towards his. Her lips met his and then their tongues danced. Kimber could hardly believe what was happening.

Jayme’s lips were back on her neck and he was making his way downward—and down—and down—and…

Her chest.

One breast.

Then, the other.

Her navel.


She smelled bacon…

Kimber sat up in bed out of breath. The clock, now in her hand, read just after seven.

The door creaked and after hearing a few throat clears, she turned to find Jayme holding a breakfast tray.

“It’s not much.” Jayme stepped forward. “But I used what you had.”

“You cooked?” she said, barely getting the words out, still out of breath and thankful he couldn’t read her mind. It wasn’t the first time Jayme had visited her in bed, in her dreams.

“Just wanted to say thank you… for, well, putting up with me last night.” He placed the tray in front of her.

“Oh… last night.” She remembered last night. “Are you okay?”

“Never went to sleep, but I’ll be fine.”

Kimber swallowed the orange juice in several gulps to cool herself.

“Dang, girl. I’d offer you more but that was the last of it.”

A little embarrassed, she laughed and forked up the eggs. With her mouth full, she said, “Thanks. This is good.”

Kimber heard Jayme’s cell phone chime, indicating he’d received a text message. She assumed it was in his pocket since she couldn’t see it. Once it was clear that he was going to ignore it, she did the same.

“So umm, I need to leave… get away from here for a while.”

She hoped the disappointment didn’t show on her face. She placed the fork on her plate. “And go where? Running won’t solve anything.”

“Not running… just need to clear my thoughts.” He sat next to her on the bed.

“I understand—I guess.”

The phone chimed again.

“I’m picking up two tickets in an hour.”

“Two? Oh, I see…”

“You’re coming with me—you need a get away too.”


Kimber stopped chewing and confusion shadowed her face.

“The flight leaves at noon. Think you can be ready?”

“I can’t just up and leave, Jayme,” Kimber proclaimed. “I’m trying to get my software business off the ground.”

“Please come. I need you… If you’re with me, I won’t be tempted to… you know how I do.”

She did know.

“If there was ever a time when I needed a friend—someone I trust—it’s now.”

Kimber knew that Jayme would never take advantage of her. They were friends—just friends—and that was the problem. She could trust him but she wasn’t so sure if she could trust herself. Being friends with him had always been great, but she wanted so much more.

“A week in Barbados… Say you’ll come.” The pleading look on his face was unnecessary because there was no way she could turn him down.

The phone chimed again.

“How long has that been going on?” she asked him, referencing the text message.

“All night.”

“Are you going to answer her?”

“Are you coming with me?” he asked, changing the subject.

Kimber swallowed the rest of her eggs and ate the last bite of bacon. The thought of being with Jayme on an island was almost too much. And how could she just put her work on hold and hop on a plane?

“I can’t. I have to work, Jayme.” She moved the tray from in front of her and got up from the bed.

He hopped up too. “I promise, I’ll help you catch up when we get back.” Jayme smoothed some standing strands of hair on top of her head and then took her by the hand. “Please.”

How can he not know how I feel about him, she asked herself.

“Okay,” she said while squeezing his hand.

“Great.” He brushed his lips against hers. ”Get started packing.” He moved towards the bedroom door. “Oh,” he said turning back. “I was organizing your desk and ran across Shawnda Willis’ name and phone number. You’ve been trying to reach her?”

“Yes, nosey.” Kimber teased, picking up the tray. “She’s impossible to get in touch with.”

“Really? She’s been trying to meet with me for weeks. I’ll introduce you if you want.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, when we get back I’ll set it up.”

Kimber had been trying to connect with the director of software development at the long-standing Centurion Company. She knew if she could just get a meeting with them they would love the program she’d created for the banking systems, making it easier for funds transfers from bank to bank. They were just the company to make it all happen, and Shawnda, in charge of software development, was the just the right person.

“That would be so great.”

“Consider it done.” He walked out of the room and Kimber followed.

“You just made going on this trip a whole lot easier.” She announced with a smile.

“I don’t know why you didn’t come to me in the first place.”

“You do know why.”

“Okay, I do know—I just don’t understand it.”

Kimber landed in the kitchen as Jayme continued towards the front door.

“I’ll be back at eleven—be ready. Whatever you don’t have time to get, we’ll buy later.” He closed the door behind him.

“I’ll be ready!” she yelled out.

Kimber walked over at her makeshift office in the corner of her living area and the books, papers, and boxes were all neatly stacked or shelved. She wanted to be mad at him for going through her things but instead she just felt warm inside. Standing at her desk she could see out of the sliding glass doors, and out to the parking lot. She watched as Jayme stood next to his silver BMW, holding his phone, and texting—Julia, no doubt.

Story Contributors:

Harvey Degree, Candace Chantell, Andrea T, Catrina, Jamica, Jessie, Jeanne A. Jordan

Chapter One

Thought You Should Know


The Story:

“She left.”

Bloodshot eyes and two days worth of hair on an unshaven face was standing on the porch at 2:30 in the morning on a Wednesday in mid May. Kimber knew the deal the moment she opened the door and saw the look on Jayme’s face.

“You okay?” Kimber figured it out; Julia had walked out on him again.

“I’m ’xhausted.” His diction was as broken as the expression on his face.

A lump began to build in her throat. She hated how easy it was to feel his pain but as his friend, she couldn’t help herself.

“You wanna come in?” She swung the door back a little signifying her welcome.

“I’m sorry—were you busy? Is he over tonight?”

“Who? Oh… no. Not tonight.”

Jayme dragged himself across the threshold as if his body weighed a ton.  His ball cap was on backwards and his shirt looked like it had been resurrected from the bottom of the laundry basket after being there a month. He collapsed onto the sofa and covered his face with his hands.

“Something to drink?” It was too early to ask what had happened this time with Julia so Kimber kept her questions simple and unrelated to the purpose of his visit. He’d get around to it eventually.

“Huh?” His hands slid down a little to look at her.

“A beer?”

Jayme moved his head, barely signifying a nod as if it were too painful to move. He then slumped down even deeper into the folds of the plush fabric.

Kimber took a bottle of beer off of the refrigerator door and with an opener, popped the top off. She walked toward him sipping from it before handing it over. Sitting on the opposite end, she propped her feet up on her coffee table and waited. Sometimes she had to wait until the next morning before hearing the details because Jayme just didn’t have it in him to talk. She was hoping that was the case this time because she was dying to crawl back into bed.

It had been a long day of cold calls and tech support as she tried to build a software business that was turning out to be more difficult to get off the ground than she ever thought it would be. Kimber adjusted a throw pillow behind her head and settled in. A breeze from the open patio door seeped in so she pulled her arms inside her over-sized t-shirt she wore as a gown.

It hadn’t mattered that Jayme hadn’t said anything yet because just having him over felt comforting; even in his misery over another woman, it felt good to have him there. And clearly she comforted him as well or he wouldn’t show up time and time again when his heart had been trampled upon.

Kimber thought about the long list of flaky women Jayme had been involved with and secretly hated how he gave them so much energy. Since their days in college, she witnessed him fall for every superficial girl on campus. She wasn’t in love with him at that time like she was now but it bothered her even back then. Jayme was a good catch and she worried that he’d turn bitter and wouldn’t be any good for the woman who could love him for real; namely her.

With her eyes closed, Kimber could hear Jayme take a long swig from the bottle and knew he was on his way to saying something, but she wouldn’t rush him. Another swig and then a belch.

“She’s seeing someone else.”

With a ponytail sitting on top of her head and spilling over her shoulders, Kimber raised her head and tried to look alert. “How do you know?”

Swig. “I saw her.”

There were so many things Kimber could say: Did you see her with the same man I saw her with? Did you catch her driving him around in your E-Class like I did? Can you repossess her breast implants you just paid for? She was tempted to say any one of those but none of them were things Jayme needed to hear right now. Besides, she’d never get any joy out of hurting him.

“Are you sure of what you saw, Jayme?”

“Yeah, I… she admitted it once I confronted her.”

“Oh, wow.”

Jayme took another long swig, finishing the beer. He stood walking to the refrigerator helping himself to another.

“I’ve been knowing something wasn’t right for months now.”

“Really? You never said anything to me.” And I certainly never said anything to you.

“I know. I get tired of talkin’ ’bout shit, you know.”

They sat in silence as he continued to drink. Kimber didn’t really know what to say new to him. Before, she would assure him that things would work out but this was the first time one of his women had cheated on him and this might be the one that would break him. It was always: Caroline got a job offer in Paris and is leaving in a month; Marnie gave me the ultimatum to get married and start a family or she’s leaving; Ellen says I’m not spiritual enough. And last time with Julia was; he wasn’t sexual enough and didn’t thrill her anymore. That’s how she got the boob job.

Kimber let out a big yawn and reach for the throw to wrap up in. “So, what did she say to you?”

“That she was in love.” Jayme guzzled down the entire bottle of beer in one long swallow. He walked over to the patio door and closed it. “I wish you wouldn’t sleep with this door open. It’s not safe.”

“I know,” Kimber said through an exaggerated yawn.

“We can talk more tomorrow. You’re sleepy.”

“You crashin’ here?”

“Is that cool?”

Kimber slid the blanket to him she’d been wrapped up in. “I’ll get you a pillow.”

Why he would rather be in her crowded one bedroom apartment than his huge ranch twenty miles outside of the city limits was beyond her. Then again, she knew he hated being alone—hence the constant new relationships.

“Thanks,” he said barely above a whisper.

Jayme kicked off his sneakers and lay across the couch. He was wide-awake but didn’t want to stop Kimber from getting back to sleep. Maybe if he sat still long enough he’d drift off, he hoped.

“You want the television on? You know I don’t have cable.” Kimber tossed a pillow, landing it right on his head.

“I’m good.”

“See you in the morning.”

Character Profiles

Here are the basic character profiles:

Kimber (29) grew up a tomboy and never quite grew out of it. She has been working night and day to get a software company off the ground. She met Jayme ten years ago when she worked for him as his business analyst when his vending business was taking off. They became close friends once she left the company to start her own business.


Jayme (33) is accomplished. He owns several businesses but of all of them, his vending company is highly successful and he attributes that success to his friend, Kimber. Jayme’s downfall is that he’s attracted to beautiful and shallow women who he can indulge. 

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